What Is An Herbal Diet?

If you are looking to lose weight, you might be wondering about an herbal diet. Essentially, this diet plan uses herbal remedies to assist in weight loss. There are many things to consider before choosing this plan. Herbs can help you lose weight, but you need to be cautious and do plenty of research before adding them to your diet.

Know the Facts

It is important to note that the FDA does not regulate herbal supplements. This does not mean that all supplements are dangerous, but you do need to use discretion when looking at your options. The FDA will step in if a supplement is proved to be dangerous, but that is after it has been on the market and sold to customers.

Consider things like brand, the list of ingredients, strength, quality, and purity. Also tell your doctor and pharmacist about any herbal supplements you plan on taking.

You also need to understand that supplements rarely work well alone. They are most effective when used in combination with diet and exercise. In this regard, supplements can help you gain some ground in your weight loss efforts.

Green Tea Extract

This is one of the most popular herbal diet pills out there. It is common, familiar, and relatively inexpensive. It has also been available to the public for some time without any health incidents.

Green tea extract works in two ways. First, compounds called catechins help regulate insulin. Without spikes and drops in insulin, you do not feel as hungry. These compounds also stimulate fat loss and calorie burning.

Caffeine is another component in green tea extract. Caffeine provides a burst of energy, which is what some people need in order to get through their workout. Having some extra energy can mean pushing yourself just a little bit further during your exercise routine. There are some side effects, such as dizziness, diarrhea, insomnia, and irritability.


This herb is grown in the deserts in Africa. Traditionally, it was used by Bushmen to decrease hunger and thirst while hunting. When used as a supplement, it works as an appetite suppressant. This is due to an extract called P57, which causes feelings of fullness.

It is great for people who tend to snack or who are used to huge serving sizes. Hoodia does not work for everyone, but many people find that it helps to reduce their calorie intake during the day. In fact, the participants in one study claimed to have cut their daily consumption of calories in half.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This is one of the most recently popular herbal supplements for weight loss. There is a compound in the green coffee beans called GCA or chlorogenic acid. This helps regulate insulin, which in turn decreases hunger. It can also increase metabolism by sending signals to the liver.

Despite the extract coming from coffee beans, there is very little caffeine in the supplement. There are only 20 mg, as compared to 330 mg in a strong cup of coffee. This is not usually enough to cause sleeplessness or irritability in most people.

Another thing to consider about this supplement is that the extract is different than simply drinking a cup of coffee. The green beans have not been roasted, and roasting destroys the GCA compounds in the bean. Therefore, drinking coffee will not give you the same weight loss effects.

An herbal diet plan uses supplements to aide in weight loss. While supplements won’t work well on their own, they can be effective with diet and exercise. Research any herbal supplement before using it, and tell your doctor about any supplement you plan on taking.

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