Natural Weight Loss Pills – Do They Really Work?

PillsIf an overweight or obese person could simply take a pill and lose weight, that would solve many problems in the developed world – or would it? What is the reality – do diet pills really work?

If so, which ones are the best? What are they really doing to help a person lose weight? Are they causing more problems than they solve?

Types of Dieting Pills

These are broken up into various categories. They include herbal remedies which stimulate metabolism, certain ones to reduce appetite, and cleansing pills which also promote weight loss. Some are all natural. Others are pharmaceutical blends.

Laxative Pills and Fiber

A bottle might contain all natural diet pills, but not everything in nature is good for you. Many items found in nature are really laxatives. While there are times when these are a solution to a real problem, when it comes to weight loss, remember: taking a laxative just causes you to lose weight temporarily. Also, your bowel movements at this time use up a lot of water. What you are really losing is water weight and you are probably going to become dehydrated as a result.

Certain ones with high fiber content will not always have this effect. Some are more effective. Fiber helps the body to remove waste which has built up in the GI tract.

While this waste just sits around rotting, it produces gas which can make a person feel bloated, sick, or even artificially hungry. Typical foods which remain in the GI tract for a long time are highly processed items like cookies, chips, French fries, and white bread.

JuiceCleansing for Weight Loss

A cleansing program encourages the body to get rid of toxins. To do this, the body will have to shed fat which is where the toxins are stored.

Consequently, a ‘cleanse’ will leave a person looking and feeling better after the initial week or so. Until that introductory period is over, many people feel tired, they have runny stools, and they endure headaches from being deprived of sugars and caffeine.

This is a form of withdrawal that is not really harmful, but it is only doing you good if the cleanse is really working. Explore the contents of your cleansing pills very carefully. What ingredients and what percentage of ingredients have gone into them?

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants became a popular dieting method a few years ago when scientists explored what enables hunter-gatherers to go so long without eating. Scientists adapted substances found in nature so that they could be swallowed as supplements.

Customers reported that they could go longer without eating if they took these, but not always. One problem is that some products labeled ‘appetite suppressant’ only contained a minimal amount of the active ingredient.


Certain products help clients to feel more energetic by feeding them caffeine in pill form. Caffeine has proven weight loss potential, certainly, but it can also be dangerous.

Some of the products which the FDA took off of the market in the last decade were shown to stimulate the nervous system so much that they endangered a person’s cardiac health. Perhaps a simple cup of espresso would be safer.

Checking Credentials

The best natural diet pills will at least come with FDA approval. In other words, it is not enough that clients see results; they must not be endangering their health while they lose weight. Many products encourage weight loss as a side effect, but are not developed for that purpose and might not be labeled thus.

Any diet product which a consumer takes should be marked with FDA approval if the client wants to be perfectly safe. Price is not the real issue, although certain brands are artificially expensive. The internet offers a way to buy products more cheaply, though many bogus bottles have also been marketed this way.

Read as many independent reviews as you can, not those listed on company websites. A number of review sites have been set up to help consumers to find out which ones really work, if any. Read the pros and cons (there are bound to be some negatives to consider, such as the cost, size, or taste of all natural weight loss pills.)

Also, do your own research. Find out what the ingredients really are and how much of each one must swallow to enjoy benefits. It could be that a pill is an expensive version of something you might be able to eat or drink.

The VerdictThe Verdict: Do they Work?

There is no single clinical opinion on whether or not diet pills work. Many people will testify that they lost 20, 30, even 100 pounds, thanks to taking products which promised rapid weight loss. Even celebrity doctors will vouch for herbal diet pills.

It is important to remember, however, that weight loss might have been kick started by a pill, but achieved via hard work. A pill could provide stimulation, but what did that lead to? Did the individual feel more like walking? Did the consequent weight loss lead to greater energy and a more brisk pace, plus a healthier attitude? One might trace the start of these positive effects to their supplementation, but that might be all the victory it can claim.

Was it simply a placebo in effect, convincing the individual that she could stop eating because of the investment she had made? While this is a positive outcome, the supplement is not really responsible. The idea is.

Many health professionals argue that no pill will really make a person thin, or at least thinner. If this was so, then the solution to obesity would be easy: give every obese patient a year’s supply of these dietary supplements and see what happens.

Doctors, however, know that a healthy weight and, more importantly, overall good health are achieved with a combination of nutrition and exercise. For individuals who suffer from an eating disorder, counseling should be added to the mix so that a patient can figure out what is causing his addiction. Often, he will discover that depression stems from a traumatic event and that the weight piled on as a result.

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