Dieting Pills – Types, Facts & General Knowledge

The interest in dieting pills has never been higher. Weight and weight loss is on everyone’s mind. While people in developed countries have been weight-conscious for some time, the concern has ramped up in recent years as research has tied obesity directly to more and more diseases and a generally shortened lifespan. Fortunately, there are some effective dieting pills available that can help people shed extra pounds and return to a healthier state in a short period of time.

OverweightThe Obesity Crisis

The obesity crisis has become so acute that even some countries that are only marginally recognized as developed have seen huge increases in the number of overweight citizens. Food is so abundant that even people in many poor countries do not have to struggle to feed themselves anymore.

While this can be seen as positive with regard to reducing or even eliminating hunger as a cause of death in the world, the opposite surplus of food has led to its own issues.

Obesity is more than just a cosmetic problem. Studies have shown that even just a few extra pounds on your frame can have long-term effects on longevity and overall health.

Obesity is closely tied to illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Most importantly for this discussion, it has been shown that addressing obesity rather than the underlying disease can have immediate and beneficial effects on patients.

How Dieting Pills Work

Since people became concerned about weight decades before the obesity crisis became recognizable in the 1980s, there are already some tools in society to deal with this issue. Among the most easily available weapons in the war against weight are dieting pills.

There is a great variety of pills to address every kind of weight loss need. There are all natural weight loss pills for people concerned about consuming chemicals or contaminants from a factory. There are pills for people who need to lose weight fast and those who do not mind losing weight slowly.

These pills work because they alter metabolic processes that deal with how the human body absorbs calories from a variety of nutrients. Some focus on directly limiting the amount of calories absorbed when food is ingested. Others use chemicals to reduce hunger and indirectly affect the number of calories absorbed because less food is eaten.

Woman With PillsThe Top Dieting Pills

There isn’t a best pill for this problem. Every person has a different metabolism and a different problem with obesity. Some people only need to shed a few pounds while others are facing disastrous situations with regard to their weight.

For that reason, if you are interested in using dieting pills to solve your weight problem, review some of the most-well known and appreciated options. Select the brand that applies best to your situation and needs. The selections listed below are not in any particular order.


This dieting pill is meant for people who want to boost their metabolism while they simultaneously reduce hunger. Like many other pills, the effectiveness of this product is increased when you combine it with vigorous exercise and a healthy diet.

In reviews, consumers give Avaprex top ratings in categories such as fat burning and appetite suppression. It also earns first place in terms of increasing energy, which is a concern that many people have about taking these supplements. With Avaprex, you are not under the impression that you are taking a medication.


Marketed as an appetite suppressant, this product keeps you from experiencing hunger even when you have not eaten. Consumers use it to help them skip meals or eat very small meals that are better for their metabolism.

It can be difficult to follow dieting advice about portion sizes when your stomach is already accustomed to eating much more. With Hoodia in your system, you can resist the desire to consume more than is good for you at any one sitting or during the course of an entire day.


Manufacturers have aimed this supplement at consumers who are primarily concerned about getting rid of belly fat. This phenomenon is particularly frustrating because even vigorous exercise and serious dieting can fail to remove belly fat in some cases.

Unlike all natural alternatives, this product is manufactured entirely from synthetic compounds. This appeals to some consumers because it means that the product is virtually a prescription strength drug.

If you are looking for powerful effects in a short period of time, you can get it with Phentramin-d. Stubborn belly fat sometimes requires the most powerful attacks before it dissolves.


Many dieting pills focus on one aspect or function, such as appetite suppression or metabolism boosts. Xenamine approaches weight loss comprehensively. The ingredients decrease hunger but they also increase metabolism to burn off the fat that you do take in. It is marketed to both men and women. It also receives high ratings in increased energy and customer safety.


If you are looking primarily to suppress your appetite, then this may be your best option among these supplements. While the product once contained ephedra, that ingredient was banned and subsequently removed from dietary supplements. It does contain high levels of caffeine and other stimulants, which is common even in the best natural diet pills.


The thyroid has long been overlooked by dietary supplements and their manufacturers. This organ plays a critical role in natural weight control in the human body. Phenteramin includes a special compound that regulates the function of this organ. This may be the most direct way to handle the body’s efforts in absorbing calories. Many people have come forward to say that this optiol is the most potent of all.

Green TeaGreen Tea Fat Burner

Due to concerns about contaminants and chemicals in factories that make pills, many consumers prefer herbal alternatives because they do not want to risk getting ill from one of the otherwise neutral ingredients in these products.

Green Tea Fat Burner does more than just include natural ingredients. The green tea extract that makes up the primary ingredient in this product is combined with caffeine.

It is fast acting and very effective. In addition to burning fat, the herbal ingredients offer numerous health benefits, such as high levels of anti-oxidants. The latter are excellent for preventing or fighting cancer.


The key ingredient in this product is the glucomannan. This is derived from the roots of the konjac plant and it is among the best natural diet pills.

This natural ingredient forms a gel-like mass in the consumer’s stomach. This leaves you feeling full even though you have eaten very little.

Typical instructions for this supplement recommend a one gram tablet taken with 8 ounces of water. Studies of the effects of this pill have shown that people who do this one hour before each meal for eight weeks can lose an average of 5.5 pounds.


These are meant particularly for people who suffer with significant obesity. It used to contain ephedra but had to adapt to the new marketplace when that compound was banned from use in the United States.

Because the ingredients have such a powerful effect, the product costs more than $150 in most markets. There are generic versions of these available for people who do not want to spend so much money.


Practically unique among dieting pills, Zantrec is aimed at people under 30. Its marketing scheme is to present itself as an energy booster, which is much more important with young people.

A look at the ingredients list shows that there are three types of caffeine in the product. One pill apparently contains as much caffeine as three cups of coffee.

However, its effectiveness is somewhat limited to removing only about 5-10 pounds from your initial weight. Due to the high level of caffeine in the pill, though, there are some side effects associated with high caffeine usage.


This supplement was the first ever designed just for women who are experiencing menopause or its initial signs. This mid-life condition can wreak havoc on a woman’s weight control.

It is marketed with a shocking claim that suggests that you can eat all that you want and still lose weight while using this product. Most diet pills, especially all natural ones, recommend that you combine use of their product with exercise and proper diet. Studies of the ingredients report that they have an effect on the body’s supply of ghrelin, the huger hormone

Review this list of dieting pills with caution. Some are best for certain individuals while others are not to be recommended. When you can find one that suits your financial capabilities and your weight loss needs, you know that you are going to get some of the results that you wanted.

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