Combining Workouts With Supplements

If you are not sweating then you are probably not working out hard enough; this is a common perception in the gym and it is usually topped up with the phrase “go hard or go home”. That being said working out is a way of life as opposed to being simply a habit. When you start working out, you need to have made a decision that you are going to be in it for the long haul.

DumbbellHitting the gym three, four or even seven days a week is not a trivial matter. This is a decision that requires will and a whole lot of dedication. The reality is that working out is not just about looking good but also about feeling great.

The various workouts that one can perform in a gym can greatly improve a person’s health and general well being. Bad backs, injured joints, heart issues, hypertension, and diabetes: these are just some of the conditions that regular sessions in the gym can manage and even get rid of.

When a person engages in exercise, the body releases endorphins which are also referred to as natural feel-good hormones. When you have endorphins in your blood stream, you will feel very relaxed and good about yourself (this is known as a “natural high”).

The one thing that motivates people to continue working out is achieving results. When you start seeing the fruits of your hard labor you will definitely feel the need to attain even higher heights and this is why body builders who have been in it for decades never really show any signs of quitting.

Most people would like to see their workout yield results as soon as possible and if this is not the case, quite a number lose morale and stop altogether. It is important to realize that good things take time to materialize and as such, one should persist in their work out for the best results.

SupplementsBe that as it may, everyone needs a little bit of help every now and then in order to realize what they desire. Help in the case of exercise and working out comes in the form of supplements.

Supplements serve the purpose of: preparing the body for a work out; helping the body recover after a workout and probably most important of all, building muscle. The market today is flooded with supplements each claiming to offer the very best results; this has definitely made it quite difficult for the average person to determine what really works.

Workout supplementation needs to be approached from two angles namely: pre-workout and post workout supplementation. The goal of pre workout supplementation is to prepare the body for the hard work ahead and therefore the supplement in question should be designed to achieve a number of things key among them boosting energy, endurance, muscle growth, and strength. There are various ingredients whose purpose is to realize to each of these vital exercise aspects.

Pre workout

When it comes to strength, creatine and taurine will get you to the level that you need. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is what enables your muscles to sustain weights; the problem however is that there is not much of it to go around. When ATP runs out it is replaced by creatine phosphate as the source of energy; of course this eventually runs out and this is why you might find it quite difficult to achieve the number of reps per set you desire.

When you consume creatine before going to the gym what you are basically doing is boosting your energy stores and as a result you will be able to last for a very long time. Taurine serves the purpose of facilitating muscle contraction. As you work out, its levels in your body reduce and as result your ability to lift heavy weights will be affected. It therefore follows that stocking up on taurine prior to working out will greatly improve your performance.

Working OutLifting weights no doubt increases muscle mass but the goal is to get the very best results. Three amino acids come into play here namely valine, leucine and isoleucine they are known as Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs. These three will prevent excessive breaking down of muscles as a result of increased energy demand during workout and instead the body will use them to supply the energy needed. Whey protein is one of the most common muscle growth supplements and it comes laden with BCAAs.

Caffeine is known to significantly boost metabolism while tyrosine reduces the amount of stress associated with working out and are therefore efficient pre workout energy boosters. Citrulline and beta alamine are both amino acids and are useful in increasing endurance.

Post work out

All the above will get you ready for your workout but once it is all over your body will still need a bit of help to recover. Glycogen levels are usually quite low after a workout and consequently the energy levels as well. Post work out supplementation should therefore be targeted at replacing the aforementioned two.

A good post workout supplement should contain glutathione as it significantly reduces the amount of time it takes for one to fully recover after a workout. It also clears the mind and boosts energy levels. Something else that usually results from working out is muscle tearing. The body needs to patch up these tears and consequently achieve muscle growth; consuming whey protein as a post work out supplement will prove quite helpful in this repair work.

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